Mware Identity and Access Management

Mware Identity and Access Management offers advanced functionalities for identity virtualization, storage and syncronization services for performant systems, ensuring applications security, cloud-based data and services. It is an integrated solution, offering complete directory type capabilities.

Having a set of comprehensive functionalities, which includes – single sign-on, centralized access rights, multi-factor authentication, digital information protection, web services security, security tokens transfer within the organization, identity and sessions federation, Mware Identity and Access Management solution offers a unique and modular architecture, allowing the customers to use a complete solution, or to implement individual components.

MWARE Identity & Access Management is a package including:

Access Manager

Access Manager is an enterprise solution for the centralized control of the access to critical applications, which offers functionalities for authentication, authorization, web SSO, policies administration, agents administration, users sessions control, system monitoring, reporting and auditing. The users profiles are stored using an external LDAP directory and the integration with Mware Application Server is available through simple configurations.

Identity Manager

Identity Manager is a flexible and scalable system for the users identities administration, which controls the user accounts and access rights to organization’s IT resources in a centralized way. The component facilitates the management of the entire lifecycle of the user identity, in order to be able to comprise all the organizational and compliance changes.

Identity Manager offers support for the automatic users provisioning and a complete solution for adding, modifying or deleting the user accounts from the applications and users lists, password management, approval flows and possibility of attestation reports generation.

LDAP Server

The component is an “all-in-one” type LDAP v3 directory, having meta-directory, storing, proxy and synchronization capabilities, fully integrated with Mware products suite. It offers users profiles storage and security features and complete access monitoring and auditing services, the solution administration being done through a graphical console or command line.

It is a high performance and availability server, ensuring scalability for the management of billions of recordings, through auto-optimization and simple installations in cluster architectures.



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