Use the massive amounts of data out there to your advantage. Find the true perception about you company and answer society’s problems with our solutions.

Prevision and strategy

The massive amounts of data out there can have tremendous value which is not always obvious. This data can be enriched, structured and then used to discover hidden meanings, create predictions and agile scenarios for crisis situations that are more accurate than ever.

Extensive applicability

The value of new technologies is not only to perform difficult tasks, but to make them more accessible to humans. Our products enable people with key responsibilities to solve complex problems in record time, regardless of industries, devices or environments.

Human potential

We admit AI is at the core of our products and that it will someday control our future. But as the technology advances, operating at unprecedented levels of accuracy, the unique and amazing capacity of human intelligence and creativity will be impossible to replace by machines and technology.


bigCONNECT offers data based on facts and realities to investigators and decision makers. Using a real-life model of interpretation, the large volume of data is automatically correlated and presented to users in an unique form of visualisation, very close to human thinking – objects, attributes and relations.

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“Leonardo Medical is powering our entire clinic and is being used by our entire staff. Our patients can now have full insigt into their diagnostic and can even take the data home with them to have it for future reference.”

CEO, Centro Radiodiagnostico Barbieri, Italy

“By correlating and analyzing data gathered from different sources of public information, bigCONNECT allows us to immediatly see and act on the most important events before they become viral.”

Director, Government Agency

“We never thought our data can have such value! Using MWARE’s AI tehnology we are not able to predict our monthly income based on our historical data.”

CEO, iVelo